About Munda …


Munda – an indie-rock-pop trio from Metz, France,- are endeavouring to breakaway from the usual rock/pop genre, by mixing energy and harmony into a melting pot of influences to produce exciting new recipes, which could be thought as state-of-the-art dreams, served up as nouvelle cuisine for the pop machine.


Munda formed in the summer of 2013 with Mira Cetii (bass, vocals) and Shane Lawes (guitar, vocals) penned together a few of the early songs – “Ready”, “Bailing Out”,… – and a few months later Tom Jacques (drums, backing vocals) joined the group, completing the trio. It was apparent from the start that there was a synergistic feeling within the group.

  • Indie 70%
  • Rock 60%
  • Pop 65%
  • French 66.6%
  • English 33.3%
  • Original 97%

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